• (Fixed price) Based on the Mentoring rate @$400. per hour.
  • Approximately fifteen (15) hours, equivalent to $6,000.
  • Savings of $1000.
  • Nine (9) hours of meditation
  • Three (3) hours of analysis
  • (3) Phoned Results Readings: 1-1/2 hr, 1-hr followed by 45-min.

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Combines Mentorship and Master Clairvoyance. (Fixed price) Based on the Mentoring rate @$400. per hour. Approximately 15 hours, equivalent to $6,000. Savings of $1000. 1-1/2 hr, 1-hr followed by 45-min Phone delivery Reading of results. This spiritual spectacular is performed as a High Meditation process by Dr. Christian TOREN von Lähr. Very few in the world could even attempt this. Without a natural proclivity at birth, the brain could not handle the pain that would otherwise ensue trying to traverse the higher pathways.


High Meditation

This spiritual spectacular is performed as a High Meditation process by Dr. Christian TOREN von Lähr.   It combines Mentorship and Master Clairvoyance.  Very few in the world could even attempt this. Without a natural proclivity at birth, the brain could not handle the pain that would otherwise ensue trying to traverse the higher pathways. It is a gift he employs for those select few who KNOW there is a greatness within themselves that must be uncovered.

The resulting guidance is then delivered to you by phone - over the course of a week, approximately. There are three (3) separate digitally recorded phone sessions for delivering the information, typically.

Dr. von Lähr typically devotes nine (9) hours to Mystical Meditation alone– this is the highest level attainable by humans below the status of Ascended Master.  Additional hours are necessary for the analysis to pull all the pieces together.

Reaching Absoluteness

There are two general types of meditation: the mystical and the secular. The mystical is considered the highest form of meditation because the person practicing it is usually thought to be attempting to reach the Absolute or Divine. It is usually practiced in a non-secular setting, such as a monastery, where the practitioners also practice withdrawal from the world, asceticism, strict diet, and other regimens. However, there are exceptional individuals who independently choose to live this life-style.


Reaching the Higher Self

Christian TOREN connects with your Higher Self, and this is an actual [visual] process, something better suited to a true Master Clairvoyant. One must be able to see 65 million colors (every shade has a meaning), and beyond – where color gives way to vibration. Most people only function at the level of about 100 colors of general awareness. The difference in perception suggest here is literally in magnitudes.


A Multi-Disciplined Approach to Wisdom

This should also suggest to you that Christian TOREN would be taking in the Higher inspired guidance through a great many channels at one time. This is literally marvelous. Genius in our physical world suggests someone who can maintain awareness at three channels of thought – the process defined herein is 14 at minimum to a more typical 256. 1024 channels at one time will sometimes be necessary in order to communicate at the Highest of planes.


Connection to Your Seeding Archangel

And so it goes that Dr. Christian TOREN von Lähr can also join with your actual “Seeding” Archangel, which is the absolute highest form we as humans can connect with. Christian has both the experiential communication we find in the 256 dimensions of Heavenly communication, but can also then go up further into the upper Planes of Consciousness. At this height, he will be functioning beyond all human form. This simply starts with the “one-ness” that others talk about – he is able to [understand] your existence over an expanse of 30 billion of our years – the past, now, and into the future. THIS is the perspective that allows him to understand the tiny context of life you find yourself in today – but as with a full-length movie, every frame, even the current one, adds continuity to the story, and is therefore, quintessential. THIS IS a quintessential Reading. THIS LIFE has meaning, a specific, quintessential purpose.

These Archangels of Presence performed the actual [Creation] of the Universe – and they created you, too. Because of this we each [follow] one in particular, and this started at the very moment of Creation. These are also known as Elohim and Dyani Chohans. Everyone has ONE, and this is absolutely specific, it is NOT a choice. This is the very vibration you are attempting to achieve throughout the term of existence of the Universe in order to achieve balance at all levels, and “perfection” in the end. You are a part of this plan for Creation, and this dictates your true Path through existence.


Most Work is Done Behind the Scenes

These meditations are extremely lengthy and are encumbered by magnitudes of thought and experiential communication into the many thousands of dimensions. Dr. von Lähr does all the work at this level, as it would be painful, if not outright impossible, to accomplish by one not conditioned to it by natural birth, and over decades of training. This would be analogous to navigating through a wormhole across the universe. He reduces this massive conversation to reams of notes, all of which he has ready before he calls you.


This is a Life Investment

A truly incredible experience and an investment in yourself.

A LIFE READING is a comprehensive reading that spans ALL of your lifetimes to determine why you are here in this lifetime, and what you are intended to do. Then it proceeds further to determine the path you are on now, and into your future existences. TODAY is either the gateway to tomorrow, or the lock on the door that lets us go no further.


All the Pieces Come Together

Your past lives have been for a purpose, and are thusly significant in that they contributed to making you who you are now, what your are, and what obstacles are present for you in this lifetime.

This lifetime represents a frame of existence in the collection of your lives, whereby you are collecting and working through Karma. The result thus far should indicate precisely what THIS life is about, what is working and not working, your objectives, your relationships, your drives. It will also suggest things pertaining to your health, proclivities and patterns you undergo. This allows Christian to guide you in overcoming your present obstacles in life, and he sets you on a true course to your future destiny.

Your Archangel, Master Guides, Teacher Guides and passed-over family members from this and prior lives will come in. Through clairvoyance and Mediumship he will get messages from them to add richness and depth to your Reading. These will be meaningful and validating. There may be an emotional quality if this aspect helps you remove blocks and achieve progress.


Learn Who is Helping You

You will come to know who is [out there] helping you, how to identify them, how to connect with them, and specifically what it is they want to help you with.



This leads you to a successful approach to your future where you know where you are going, and why; what you have been doing throughout existence and why; and what you are ultimately heading for.

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Much time and focus is spent on the present since THIS is the place where we need to have the greatest understanding. Here the present day problems will be resolved, whether path, profession, relationship, family or health. "Incredible." "Life-Changing." An experience you will always remember and true investment in yourself.